ASCII emoticons.


Mac OS text shortcuts

To install the Mac OS text shortcuts, first download the asciimoji.plist file from Github.
Then open System Preferences, go to Keyboard and click the tab Text. You should see something like this:

Now drag asciimoji.plist from the Finder into the list on the left (if you already had your own replacements they will be kept):

You're done! Start using ASCIImoji by typing any of the shortcuts in the left column and confirm with space.

iOS text shortcuts

After installing the Mac OS text shortcuts, you can sync them to your iOS devices using the iCloud Handoff feature.
Here's how to enable Handoff:

First make sure it is enabled on your Mac. Open System Preferences and go to "General". Make sure Handoff is enabled.

On iOS, open the Settings App, go to "General" again and choose "Airplay & Handoff". Make sure the "Handoff" toggle is enabled.

That's it! The shortcuts from your Mac are now synced to your iOS device.

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